[What is happiness?] Small happiness is the power of life. Noodles that make you happy.

What kind of life would be a happy life?

I don't have a lot of money, and I think it's a happy life to be with someone you love and be content with a little thing, even if you don't have a fancy foreign car, even if you don't have a lot of it. 
Today was a small but sure moment of happiness.

My wife and I sometimes like to walk in the traditional market without thinking.
Dating, going out, looking at the crowd...
It's a place where you can walk with many meanings.
It's a little bit today, but I've got some time left.
Shall we go to the traditional market?
As soon as the two of us stand at the entrance to the market, a very delicious seed hodduk welcomes us.
"Let's have a hodduk~" 1,000 won for one!
We bought a hodduk for 1,000 won and shared a bite.
I was so happy.~

I think I've got a run-down in the market.
Eat everything that comes into your eyes.
Tteokbokki, pancake, sausage skewers, chicken Gangjeong that I really, really like...
My mouth was watering automatically.
But I couldn't finish it, so I had to make a choice.
This choice is a very embarrassing and happy moment. Haha
I want to eat it all, but I'm not that good at eating show.
My wife and I were going to walk a little bit more to choose our meal.

We reached the exit of the market, and there was a restaurant in our eyes.
Every time I looked at the market, I found the restaurant I said, "Let's go to that restaurant later."
It's my wife's favorite noodle shop.
I and my wife really like noodles. In the drawer of my house, I feel uneasy without more than 3 kinds of cup noodles, more than 4 kinds of boiling ramen, noodles with small noodles, and spaghetti noodles.ᄒᄒ)

They opened the door of the noodle restaurant with excitement.
The base is anchovy noodles, and there were a variety of other dishes.
"Bibim Noodles, Ganjangbeam Noodles, Host Noodles, Odeng Noodles, Cold Noodles"
As side menu, 'Busan fish cake, Kimchi rice balls, tuna rice, water dumplings, etc.'
The price is 3,000 - 4,000 won, and the price of the double is 1,000 won.
That's a really good price.~~

I wanted to try it all, but it was too much.
My wife is anchovy noodles, I'm Bibim noodles, and I'm afraid.
I ordered it like this, but it's 8,000 won. Happy~
Finally, the food I ordered came out.

The moment I received the food, I felt more satisfied with the visual and the sheep than I thought.
Now, it's really important to taste.~~
I've had a bite. Then my wife and I said, "Hey, this is our style.~"
Both noodles were delicious, but my wife loved bibim noodles.
So, for my beloved wife, I ate it in exchange for anchovy noodles.~~~
But it was a decision that I didn't regret, and anchovy noodles were really good.

Isn't this what happiness is?
It was a small but sure moment of happiness when you didn't have a lot of money, not high-end srun food, not expensive foreign cars, not a street full of luxury goods, but with someone you love, and being content with something small.


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