Build your mind's caliber!

The stronger a person is, the more antibodies they have, the healthier they can protect themselves from germs and bad external influences. 
Ordinary people say that at the age of 40, the body's immune system declines and becomes weak. 
So when you're in the middle of 30 years old, you'll see that the gifts you get from people around you change a lot into healthy food.

I think the same is true of our minds. 
It's immune to the mind. 
The healthier and stronger the mind, the more you can cope with the bad words that come to attack me, and the more you reject me, and defend me. 
In this way, you can say that you have a strong sense of self-examination, so that you don't lose your composure. 

The health of the body and mind is the wish of all 
This is a healthy body and mind that's not sick, that's not hurt, that's not hurt, that's not stressed out.
So I exercise, eat healthy foods, improve my eating habits, and try to find good things for my body and mind.

But just as we get along well and we get weak for a while and catch a cold or something, our minds can't always be healthy. 
We all have a moment of weakness. 
In this period of weakness, things that are usually done well remain hurt and react sensitively. 
In other words, when the body's immune system weakens, the small germs, the virus, the same pain in the body, the same phenomenon in the mind.

What should we do if our body's immune system is weak? 
We will try to find healthy food, exercise, change our habits, and so on to keep our bodies healthy.
We try to find ways to help our bodies and boost our immune system.

This effort is needed in our minds as well.
What is healthy food in our mind, good exercise in our mind? 
First of all, we need to isolate ourselves in negative situations, such as the disease, the virus of the mind.
It's okay for a moment.
Think hard about me, take me out of the situation for a while.
What I like, what makes me happy, take refuge in the person I love for a while.
There are many other ways of healing and comforting our minds, but I don't think there are as many ways to comfort and heal them as there are to the things that I like and love and to the beings that I love.

Is there anyone who's been feeling a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress these days, a lot of anxiety, a lot of pain, a lot of pain?
Make time for yourself in the midst of a complex world of thought. 
And be with someone who supports and loves me together. 
Then you will gain the comfort of love, the power of healing, the strength of heart-strengthening.


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